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SolarMatch The High Power Module For Everyone

SolarMatch is an Idea of PyroSolar to bring the Maxeon cell based Module in reach of everyone.

At the moment the module can be ordered only by container.

The powerful  320Wp solar panel is realized of Solar cells made with the famous Maxeon technology. This means that the backside of the cell has total contact with the high-tech copper slide where it is mounted on.

The Advantages comparing with normal n type cells:

  • Cell efficiency around 22%  brings module Efficiency on more than 19,5 %
  • Less degradation by light and corrosion
  • Better high temperature efficiency
  • Better performance in low light situations
  • Better spectral response
  • Less shading effect
  • Even when a cell has cracked due to changing low and high temperature  the cell keeps on doing its job due to the full copper slide.


Conclusion:    More Watts square meter and better performance during life time.

    •   The first year  6% – 9% more kWh pro Wp, this is expected to grow to 24% - 36% after 25 year.
afmetingen 320 Wp

The Module is utilized with 96 back-contact sunpower solar cells. The module has a black frame.The module can also be supplied in All Black.

The Size is 1580 x 1050 x 35 mm.

Connector:  MC4.

Tempered Solar anti reflection glass.

Outstanding performance.

SolarMatch is an Idée of PyroSolar

Also available  in All Black.

SolarMach pag 1 juni 17
SolarMatch pag 2 juni 17
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